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Jo & Sue's trip to Bosnia

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Day 1 Part 2

Our second visit today was to meet a friend of Belma’s who is fostering a gorgeous dog found on the street. At just 5 months old she was found covered in ticks and look at her now, a real beauty.

After a little shyness she enjoyed a cuddle, tummy rub and when she spotted a cat was very interested and wanted to play!

Beautiful girl is looking for her forever home. We think she has a little Gsd in her but she will grow to be a medium dog. Loves people, loves dogs, wants to play with cats! So loveable.

Day 1 Part 1- Meeting Belma and her dogs.

Today has been a day busy day visiting lots of beautiful dogs with Belma Ustovic.

First off we went to see Anda, she has around 26 dogs, some looking for their forever homes.

We have previously posted Ophelia, such a beautiful dog. She is there with her daughter, both looking for homes.

We also met Molly who is such a sweet girl, well really we met lots of such stunning dogs. Here are just a few pics.

Ophelia, her daughter Molly, and a selection of others.

10th June 2023

Jo and I boarded the flight to Sarajevo from Heathrow. You will never believe it but we managed to book Business Class for just £1 extra each on the way out! Not so lucky on the way back though.

We were very excited and were looking forward to meeting our lovely friends in Sarajevo and also seeing many beautiful dogs.

Several people have donated items for the dogs which we will be handing over when we get there. Others have donated money so we will use that to buy supplies. Thank you to everyone who has given to us for the dogs.

We will keep you updated on our adventure.

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