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Support & Donate

There are many ways you can become involved with Applegarth Dog Rescue, including:


  • Donating money to support the dogs

  • Buying items from our Amazon Wish list

  • Volunteering with us or joining our admin team

  • Donating items such as used or unwanted dog dog beds, food, toys or harnesses etc.

Find out more information and links below.

Ways in which you can help

Amazon Wishlist

Gifting through Amazon could not be easier, simply click on the link below, choose an item you would like to donate to Applegarth, add it to your basket, checkout and it will be delivered directly to Applegarth Dog Rescue! 

Donate via PayPal

It's easy to donate via PayPal to Applegarth Dog Rescue. Simply:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account

  2. Select 'Send'

  3. Enter our email:

  4. Enter an amount to donate

  5. Select 'Friends and Family'

  6. Double check the amount and payment method

  7. Click 'Send money now'

Sponsor a dog

Our sponsorship programme helps dogs that can't be rehomed due to age, illness or behavioural issues. These dogs will live out their days in the comfort and care of the sanctuary. If you'd like to help us by donating towards their food and veterinary care, please email us for more information. As a 'Thank you' for your kindness, we will send you a 'Sponsorship Certificate' bearing the name of your chosen dog, as well as updates on their progress. If you'd like to see which dogs are currently in our Sanctuary, please click on the link below.

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