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Applegarth Dogs

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At Applegarth Dog Rescue, there are several stages in the process of a dog becoming available for adoption:

  • New dogs joining Applegarth

  • Dogs currently under assessment

  • Dogs available for adoption


If you find yourself in a position where you need to rehome your dog. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


You can find out more below.​

What you need to know

Dogs available for adoption

All dogs that are currently available for adoption through Applegarth Dog Rescue will be listed on this page. Please read each dog's homing requirements carefully before applying to adopt.

New arrivals

When Applegarth commits to taking in a new dog, details of that specific dog will be made available on this page.

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Dogs under assessment/in foster

When a dog arrives into the care of Applegarth Dog Rescue, they are placed in foster homes to be fully assessed. These dogs are not ready for adoption at this time, but keep your eyes peeled for when they 'graduate' to being ready for adoption.

Sponsor a dog

Our sponsorship programme helps dogs that can't be rehomed due to age, illness or behavioural issues. These dogs will live out their days in the comfort and care of the sanctuary. If you'd like to help us by donating towards their food and veterinary care, please email us for more information. As a 'Thank you' for your kindness, we will send you a 'Sponsorship Certificate' bearing the name of your chosen dog, as well as updates on their progress. If you'd like to see which dogs are currently in our Sanctuary, please click on the link below.

Applegarth success stories!

When one of our dogs finds their forever home, we like to post photos to capture their happy faces!

We also play tribute and remember our dogs that have passed over Rainbow Bridge.

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