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Rehoming Policy

​Please read prior to completing an Adoption Application

At Applegarth Dog Rescue we do our utmost to ensure that we find the very best home for each of our dogs.

It is paramount that Applegarth dogs are homed in an environment that best meets the needs of the specific dog applied for.

Just like many small rescues, we do not have a rehoming centre which allows you to visit and view all the dogs available for adoption. All Applegarth dogs are placed in foster homes in the South East of England.

All our dogs are independently assessed - overseen by a qualified behaviourist - while in foster. They are vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms. During their time in foster each dog will have a basic health check up with a local Veterinary clinic.

If at any stage of the adoption process an Applegarth representative, fosterer, homechecker, behaviourist or any other rescue volunteer is not completely happy with the match for any reason, the adoption process will be stopped.

Please look at our Dogs Available for Adoption - this is regularly updated with all dogs that are looking for their forever homes - Dogs in foster or New arrivals pages.

If you are interested in offering one of our dogs a home, we ask that, in the first instance, you please complete our adoption application. Please email us for an application form.

Once your application is received, it will be discussed with the rehoming team who will then contact you in due course. We endeavour to respond as soon as possible. However, we are all volunteers with other jobs and commitments so, on occasion, this may take a little longer.

If we feel that you can offer the very best home to the dog that you have applied to adopt, we will then arrange a 'meet and greet' with your family and your chosen dog. As we use foster homes, this could be anywhere in the South East of England. If you have an existing dog, we will ask that you bring them along as well to ensure this is a good match for both your own dog and for the Applegarth dog.

If all goes well during the meet and greet we will then arrange a home check. This is to check the safety and security of your house and garden to ensure the safety of the dog you are considering. We will also look at where the dog will be sleeping.

If all meetings are successful, we will arrange for you to collect the dog and take him/her home!

​Homing Guidelines

Adoption guidelines will be sent out to all new adoptees prior to your new family member joining you and your family.


Our minimum child age for rehoming dogs is 8 years. However, where applicable, we will specify different minimum child ages for certain dogs based on their background, breed or character.


All homes, except for those for elderly or disabled dogs, must have a suitable, fully secure outside area. The majority of our dogs are young and will not have solid recall. The stress of moving into a new home can sometimes cause the dog to panic, and it is our duty to ensure that the dogs are kept safe during this transition period. A secure environment will allow them to explore and burn off energy as they settle into their new lives, and allow you to begin their training (lead walking/recall) in a safe environment.

The height and type of fencing required for us to deem the garden 'secure' will depend on the breed, age and character of the individual dog. However, a minimum of 5ft will be required for all dogs, made of sturdy materials (fencing/wall) with no holes for them to squeeze through. Hedges alone are not adequate as a dog can easily push their way through if busy following a scent, scared or adventurous.

Working Hours

We do not automatically preclude full-time from home workers from adopting our dogs, however the dog they are considering must be of a suitable age, personality and background to fit with that lifestyle. Many of our dogs are very young and will need someone home and available much of the time to help them settle.


Puppies and dogs under 6 months of age will only be rehomed into families where someone will be around for most of the day, and who will commit to a programme of socialising and attending training classes; that will ensure that they grow up to be the very best dogs that they can. Anybody applying for a puppy/young dog will need to be prepared to invest a large amount of  both time and effort - particularly in the early days.

All puppies/young dogs must be neutered at a suitable age unless a qualified Veterinary Surgeon has advised against neutering for medical reasons. We will require evidence of the neutering operation (or a note from your Vet explaining why they advise against neutering) to be sent to us. Neutering will be arranged at the cost of the new adoptee.

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