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Always in our hearts 

BARNEY  May 2024

We are very sad to announce our beautiful boy Barney passed away in his sleep,
Such a lovely dog who was already loved by his amazing foster family.

Rest in Peace sweet Barney 

BOB HOBBIT aka Rupert February 2024

Our delightful boy Rupert, aka Bob hobbit has passed over the rainbow bridge.

Bob’s foster mum, Sylvie Wootton noticed as soon as he arrived he had stiff and aching joints. So we immediately put him onto Yumove, made him Golden Paste and he had fish oils.

Sylvie took him on very short gentle walks and even with this gentle exercise, good food, comfort and rest he was not recovering.

We needed to do the very best for Bob hobbit so he went to his Sylvie’s vet and we booked him in for a full body scan.

The vet said she had never in all her years seen such a dreadful X-ray. Bob’s spine was completely fused resulting from, she thought, years of living in a crate and violent physical abuse. His hips and legs were massively weakened, he had no cruciate ligaments and the vet felt he could collapse at any moment.

We couldn’t believe what we heard.

Yes, Bobs spine was very prominent but we thought he needed feeding up. His legs were weak but we thought gentle exercise would start to build up his muscles.

The vet told us that very sadly Bob had been in continuous appalling pain for a very long time, and he always would be. In her opinion there was no adequate pain relief which would help Bob hobbit live anything like a comfortable life. Due to his severe spinal fusion his body could collapse at any time.

We are truly heartbroken to have had to make the decision to let Bob hobbit go.

He had two weeks with Sylvie, where he was shown so much love and tender caring. He had lovely food, a cosy bed and a foster sister to snuggle up with.

Of course Sylvie, like us, was totally distraught. We will never get over the loss of Bob hobbit/Rupert, a defenceless, loving and gentle boy who just wanted a safe and comfortable home.

We are so dreadfully sorry Bob hobbit to have said goodbye, but are privileged to have met you and shown you what kindness is even for a few short weeks.

We would also like to thank Sylvie for showing Bob hobbit/Rupert what it felt like to be loved. He couldn’t have asked for a better foster mum. She welcomed him into her home with open arms and cared for him so kindly.

Thank you Sylvie, Rupert passed knowing he was special.

BETTJuly 2023

Our lovely Betty gained her wings and crossed the bridge.

Although only at Applegarth ten days she knew love, food, grass , and freedom.

She had a lovely temperament and loved everybody. We just wished she had been strong enough to last a bit longer.

RIP our lovely girl 

TINO November 2022

Our handsome Tino arrived at Applegarth in the summer of 2022 and Brenda and Peter took him in as a foster. They fell in love with him immediately and decided to keep him.  


Very early on we all realised he wasn’t at all well. He was diagnosed with a mass in his abdomen and couldn’t put on weight despite eating as much as a horse. We knew he had a limited life expectancy but he squeezed in as much as possible in his 4 months.

He had a loving family. A lovely garden to potter around in. Went on walks. Chased cats and many other small furries. He even went to a fete.

Thank you Brenda and Peter for showing this boy true love and a happy home environment.

RIP lovely Tino 

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