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Dogs available for adoption

To apply for any of our dogs please click on the button below to request an application form.


Three puppy’s available for adoption - as yet unnamed

Age - 5 1/2 months

Sex - Female

Spayed - No too young

Breed - Cross possibly with GSD

Size - Will be medium to large

Medication - None

House trained - No

Lived in a house before - No

Food - Currently fed wet and dry, which we would like continued

Interaction with other dogs - Very friendly, love to play

Aggression towards other dogs - None

Anxiety towards other dogs - None

Interaction with people - Very friendly

Aggression towards people - None

Anxiety towards people - None

Can they be handled - Yes, they are very sociable and love attention

Lead trained - Will accept a lead but need training

Recall - None, needs work

Cats - Not interested

Personality - High energy, love to play, will like lots of exercise and stimulation

Known history - They come from the centre of Sarajevo and are the only three puppys who survived. They were initially cared for by our friend Belma’s niece Najra, who hand reared them alongside their mother. When a pension was found mum and pups were moved to safety and they were all vaccinated and tested and are clear for Brucellosis. Neyra, their mum was also brought over with the pups and has gone to a wonderful home in Cornwall


Please keep an eye out for more information on our website and Facebook page.

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