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Dogs available for adoption

To apply for any of our dogs please click on the button below to request an application form.

  • Female (spayed) - 16 months old

  • Small/medium size - 14kgs

  • Gets on well with some dogs

  • Gets on well with people - can initially be anxious

  • Needs someone around most of the time

  • Can live with children aged 12+

  • Has previously lived with a cat and other dogs

  • Check out Belle having fun at Applegarth

Belle is a little shy until she gets to know you. However, once she feels confident she enjoys strokes, cuddles and plenty of attention. She bonds quite quickly with her people and prefers not to be left, so she will need someone around most of the time. She could be suited to a family who like to be out and about and always have their dog with them. Initially Belle likes to have her own little space until she feels more confident. Once relaxed she happily spends time with her people and would like to sleep close by to them. Belle loves being out in the garden and enjoys a good run around and a sniff. She enjoys a couple of walks a day and, when out and about, she walks nicely on the lead. Recall needs to be given a little work, but she doesn't like to stray far from her people. Belle is a little nervous around traffic so would prefer not to be walked where there is lots of busy traffic. Belle gets on with most other dogs but can sometimes be a little wary of unknown dogs. She has previously lived with other dogs and also as an only dog, so we feel, in the right home, she can go as either an only dog or with a confident companion. Belle has also previously lived with a cat, and whilst at first she was a little unsure they soon learned to live happily alongside each other. Belle would benefit from living in a home with a family who have experience of caring for shy dogs. She has so much love to give she just needs time to completely relax and feel confident in her surroundings. Belle also has a mischievous side and loves to find things to play with and nibble on. Due to her background she wasn't able to go through her puppy phase so she is making up for it now! She adores lots of fun toys to play with and chew, and has lots of fun throwing and pouncing on them. Belle does not like to be away from her people so any time away from her will need to be built up very gradually. Leaving time will need to be a happy time, by giving her exciting toys to play with or something to chew - a Kong with treats or dog food inside, a tasty pigs ear or anything to make her realise being left isn't a bad thing. Belle has lived with older children (12 years and above) and can do so again. Belle really is a delightful little girl, she just needs a family who will give her time to relax and enjoy being a happy dog. Adoption donation and home-check applies. If you feel you can give Belle the loving forever home she is looking for, please email for an application form.

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