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Rehoming your dog

We know everyone's circumstances can change, leaving them unable to care for their dogs. We will do what we can to help.

Our rehoming process

Your dog will be assessed by our qualified behaviourist and then placed with one of our experienced foster families, who could have other dogs, cats and/or children. Matching your dog to the best foster family is key to ensuring they are as happy as can be during the search for their new home. In some instances, the dog's owner(s) may be happy to keep their dog until we have found their new home. Either way we will do our very best to help. 


When Applegarth commit to taking in a new dog, details of that specific dog will be made available on our Dogs under assessment page.

Contact us

Please email us making sure to include your telephone number. One of our rehoming team will then get in touch to discuss the best way forward for both you and your dog. We want what's best for you both.

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