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🐾🐾Hello everyone, I'm Betty 💗

In March 2022 I found myself in the Lancram public shelter in Romania. Suddenly I was in a cage with a dog I did not know. There were dogs everywhere and the noise was horrendous. I was so scared, and I really did not like it. I had no idea what was happening.

You see, I am a mature lady and all that I ask for is food and a quiet place where I can rest. Sadly, I rarely ever got that there.

Then one day a lady called Florina came to visit. She was so nice. She took my photo and even gave me a treat. She spoke so quietly and made me feel safe. But she left. It felt like forever I was in there and I thought I might die. It really traumatised me being in there.

Then just when I was about to give up, a nice lady called Linda saved me. I do not know exactly how, but she raised loads of money and with her supporters, they got me out of that hell hole.

I went to a private pension run by a lady called Cera. By now I was completely shut down. All the unknowns had just got too much. I was extremely scared and became quite aggressive. I would not let anyone near me. Cera did not give up on me. She was calm and quiet and very patient and let me be. She even fed me! Slowly I began to relax. I even let Cera take me out my kennel.

I have been here 12 months now and sadly I am feeling really down. I have not progressed far, and I am starting to give up hope. Cera tells me daily to keep going as better things are planned for me. I am holding on to the light that I am about to begin the next chapter of my life...

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