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A dog's workout is never done!

Hi everyone, mum has got a bit obsessed about my exercise. I do tell her I sleep lot (see resting poses) but we still do the secure field twice a week! I go to school 3 times a week (sometimes with a sleepover ) and I play with my friends at the weekend.

Unfortunately I nearly killed me and mum a few weeks ago when I took umbrage at a ford fiesta and nearly pulled us both under its wheels. Aunty Sandra has offered to help more so mum isn’t dead… that’s good I think .

We had a party Friday for mums birthday but I was at school. Its a shame as I love parties. The thing is I might have escaped if the drunks had left the gate open…. So I was banished :-(

Barney made a new friend. I’m pleased about this. If Barney has new friends maybe he will let me have some friends. We went to the secure field today Louis was very energetic as his new girlfriend Noodle came along. He ran round twice and did zoomies. So he’s now so tired he won’t get out of bed for dinner.

Dylan is being a complete weirdo. He has decided he wants to live in the car. It’s very hot so mum has to leave all the doors and boot open. He won’t come out so mum then has to carry him into the house where he hides behind the sofa He only comes out at bedtime when he wants a pigs ear.

I understand that. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for a pigs ear Woof everyone xx

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