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🐾🐾Hi everyone its me, Betty...

Well, I’ve been here a week now and I’m strong enough to stand up to eat. Mama is feeding me 4 times a day, she tells me I need to put on weight and muscle.

I can still only walk about 10 yards before I need a rest. But I’ve got grass and sun and people to cuddle me. Lots of lovely people are donating duvets, so I have soft places to sleep. I've been so used to sleeping on concrete, so a duvet is complete luxury. Life is pretty good. I’m willing myself to live, and do what Mama asks me.

I am very old with arthritis and I’m very skinny. But hopefully in a few weeks I will start to feel better. Emma, Chloe and Holly came and sat with me today, which was nice. They said I look much better than last Sunday.

I am really trying. But it’s hard as an old lady. My body doesn’t do what my brain wants to do.

Woof for now 💗

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