Dogs in Sanctuary

At Applegarth Dog Rescue we rescue and rehome dogs from UK and abroad.

Sometimes we would like to offer a safe place to dogs who unlikely to be rehomed, due to their age, health or behavioural issues.  

These dogs are cared for at Applegarth and remain with us in sanctuary, to live our their natural lives in a safe, happy, comfortable and loving environment.

 We currently have 2 dogs living in sanctuary.  They both have their own story to tell, so we want them to live the rest of their lives being loved and cared for at Applegarth Dog Rescue . 

Our dogs and chickens are available for sponsor, every penny helps towards their care, either for food, vets bills or keeping them comfortable in their living space. If you would like to sponsor any of our animals please email:

 Dogs Available For Sponsor



Tino is 10 years old and was abandoned by his owners in Nevesinje, Bosnia. The day after he was saved, all the other stray dogs were killed.

Tino had been living in a private shelter in Bosnia before joining us at Applegarth. 

Tino is a very gentle boy who gets on well with humans and other dogs. All he wants is to relax, enjoy some tasty food and have his daily cuddles.   

Tino can walk on the lead but prefers just to potter around enjoying his freedom.

Tino is currently in permanent foster so is available to sponsor. His health isn't great, so he has fairly regular trips to the vets. However,  Tino is living a wonderful life, with soft tasty food, he has lost quite a few teeth, gentle exercise and lots of cuddles.



Dylan is around two years old and has had quite a few changes in his short life. 
Dylan had been in foster with a lovely family with another dog rescue.  Unfortunately Dylan took a dislike to his foster dad and despite trying everything to help Dylan relax he bit his dad several times. 
Clearly Dylan wasn't a happy boy so he was temporarily housed in kennels, whilst an alternative solution was found.  Dylan was again unhappy and was reactive towards the kennel staff.  
Jo heard about Dylan and is used to caring for dogs who have issues, so she offered to try working with Dylan.  
Of course as soon as he moved in Jo fell in love with him and began working on his anxiety ultimately him become less reactive to people around him. 
Dylan still has his moments, but Jo has decided he will stay with her in sanctuary.  

Dylan now enjoys his daily walk, evening cuddles on the sofa and is also learning to accept people in the home.  Dylan is available to sponsor, any amount will go towards food and vet bills.