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Welcome to Applegarth Dog Rescue

Our aim is to support and rescue dogs both from the UK and overseas. We will also support other animal charities or voluntary organisations in caring for animals in need and offer sanctuary, where possible, to dogs not suitable for rehoming.

💕We are working closely with a wonderful rescue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who do an amazing job saving, caring for a rehabilitating poor abandoned dogs.


This sad boy has recently been found and taken in to the rescue. Someone, somewhere has abandoned him and left him to die, he is clearly starving.


We would like to help him on the road to a better life and would like you to help us. Jo has agreed to sponsor him until he is ready to come to us, but this could be months. We are going to follow his return to health, and when he is fit enough we will bring him over to relax and find love in his forever home.


Our poor boy currently has no name, so we are calling him Skinny Boy. Not the best name for him, not very flattering, so we need to find him the perfect name. A name he can be proud of. For two weeks we are inviting you to find him the right name.  Each name we would ask for a donation of £5 towards Skinny Boy's new life. On Saturday 6th July we will randomly pick a new name for Skinny Boy and announce his new name here. Please help us to help Skinny Boy.


Visit our Facebook page to enter your choice and for details on where to donate.

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