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Kendrick finds his forever home!

We are so proud of our very special boy Kendrick who was adopted last year.

Kendrick has become an assistant dog for his mum, and here is a catch-up from his mum sent this morning:

"Hi all, I just thought I would quickly give you an update on Kendrick!

"Today Kendrick got his assistant dog badge (he is still in training but we are getting him used to coming out with me!) So far so good!! Let's hope it continues as he is exposed to more different environments!!

"He is overall a super dog - sometimes too intelligent for his own good though!!

"All the carers who come into our house have fallen in love with him once they get used to his over affectionate personality - think he may need some elocution lessons!! But he is doing really well and has taken to being an assistant dog perfectly!! In fact when he is out in public in cafes, soft plays etc. he is better behaved than when he goes on his walks and is not "working" as such!!! He just loves to be around people!!

"We still haven't been able to get to the point where we can let him off the lead unfortunately as there has been the odd occasion he has just bolted - I think the freedom he had as a pup has given him his free spirit and he almost becomes too independent to worry about coming back upon recall!! I hope one day we will get there as he loves playing with other dogs!

"We take him to the dog secure grounds that are local sometimes to let him off the lead so he can have a good run but when he has the chance - he never wants to!!

"Yet when we have friends over with their dogs they play like mad!! He forgets he is so big!

"He definitely has filled out and grown further!! But turning into the most delightful dog ever - just thought you may like to hear his good news xxx"

Kendrick, such a wonderful boy, the absolutely perfect forever home match. We were very emotional reading his forever mum's feedback.

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