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Woof everyone

I was so excited to go to school Monday I barked all the way from the Mormon Temple and gave mum a headache She does know I love her though as I always leap up and down with excitement when she picks me up

It’s been an exciting week at HQ We’ve got 4 dogs booked to arrive first weekend in July 2 of them are old says mum and are called Oliver and Tino. They will be staying here forever. I hope they are still young enough to play with me otherwise I will be a bit cross.

They are going to live in Jacks retreat although we all know mum is a big softie so I bet she lets them in the house. I heard mum talking to Sue…..

Did you know it costs over £800 to get a dog to the uk from a Bosnia? That’s a lot of money. They have to quarantine for 3 weeks before they travel. I wouldn’t want to do that Apparently it’s in a kennel I can’t sit still for 5 minutes let alone 3 weeks

As long as I’ve still got my double bed I don’t mind if they come in the house Auntie Cara gave me a bath and a de shed Friday. Mum says I smell lovely. Not sure boys are supposed to smell so nice

Farmer Dan came and topped the fields this week. He has an extremely large tractor. I decided best not to chase him. All the buttercups and long grass have gone. Good says mum. No more ticks. I had 3 ticks the other day and yelped a lot when mum took them out. Mum gets cross and swears a lot when she’s operating on me

Not sure what our weekend plans are…..!Auntie Lucy comes Saturday and Chloe Sunday. I always get lots of cuddles

Have a good weekend everyone Love ash

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