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Ash - The Applegarth Failed Foster

Hi I’m Ash,

I’m one of the resident dogs at Applegarth.

I arrived in 2018 as a foster dog. Luckily my mum failed dismally as a foster mum and decided to adopt me.

I had been found in Greece living on the streets when I was 1 year old. I travelled to a rescue in the UK and then mum took me soon after.

Apparently previously my recall was non existent, I do need about 6 hours exercise a day.

I had been rehomed from the rescue, but no one could cope with me and I was sent back. All the to-ing and fro-ing, distressed me and made mum upset so she came to find me and then kept me. ( I was so lucky as that was my plan all along)

When I first arrived I hadn’t been in a house and didn’t understand it all. I slept in the garden for 3 nights . Then my siblings told me it was really nice in the house so I braved it 😎.

After the first week I found the double bed in the spare room and now that’s mine. Very comfy and much better than the noisy roads of Greece

Now I’m grown up I’m much better behaved. I run around the fields all day. Mum says I’m very lucky to have 4 acres to play in. She says I’m a big boy. I'm about 70 cm floor to shoulder. That doesn't stop Mum's smaller dogs teasing me though.

I am a GSD x Greek hound and I love sniffing all day . Mum thinks I could have been a police dog, I don't think I would have liked to be chasing naughty people though, as I love people too much.

Mum says I’m the only one of her dogs she trusts with little people. I just love everybody, and from the comments I hear everyone loves me!

I have a little friend called Ace who comes to visit me. He’s a baby, just one year old.

Last weekend he came and he’s just started walking. I'm looking forward to him growing a bit as Mum says I mustn’t knock him over when I wag my tail.

I'm planning a regular Applegarth news update, so watch this space for more information.

Lots of licks and wags, Ash

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