Age: 11 months DOB: 20/04/21

Sex: Female

Neutered: Yes

Size: Medium Labrador type/size



Since Sophie arrived in the UK in November, she has really blossomed, she loves people and forcefully nudges her foster mum with her nose for some attention! Her confidence has improved so much, she will very happily show you her sit, wants to please and whilst still a little nervous, is learning to trust as each day goes by. 


Sophie gets along with other dogs well, and loves to play. She has previously lived with a companion foster dog with whom she played nicely. Sophie is currently in foster with her brother Oscar and while she tries to initiate play he is disinterested. We feel that Sophie will be best suited to sharing her forever home with a calm confident dog, who will help her gain confidence and will be keen to play.


Sophie's has previously lived with a cat, there has been no issues however Sophie would whine occasionally looking to play. 


We do not know Sophie's history around children, whilst she has a beautiful gentle nature, due to still being a little nervous, we will be looking for a home with 'older dog' respectful children.

All About Sophie 

Sophie is very affectionate. She loves to be stroked and fussed. Sophie has learnt just how wonderful it can be to play, something so simple yet so important for a dog’s well-being, taking the lead from the resident dog Sophie now runs and plays throughout the day. Sophie is a foodie, she loves to try new things and if you happen to have some food in your hand she is there ready to try her best to earn it.


Sophie was not phased by a previous the resident cat and had shown little to no interest in him unless she’s felt a little excited and would then occasionally bark at him.

Sophie took a little time to settle at night when she arrived in foster but settle she did and now sleeps through till morning, quietly in the kitchen.  Her new family must understand that she may need the time to settle once again when she is adopted.


Sophie toilets outside but will on occasion wee on a puppy pad, again it must be considered by her new family that toilet training may need to be readdressed in the new home.

Sophie loves people and gets very excited when meeting someone new.  There have been no signs of growling or upset, however she will bark if someone approaches the house outside.


Sophie is a wonderful, gentle young dog that just wants to be loved and will repay that love tenfold.

Lead walking:
Before Sophie arrived in the UK she had some basic lead training however due to her nervousness on arrival this was put on hold. Sophie has been reintroduced to the lead in her foster-home for short spells. Sophie will need lead training in her new home by her newly adopted family, this will need to be introduced once she has gained the trust of her new family members.
Sophie is now used to wearing her harness and accepts the lead being clipped on. The next steps will be holding the lead for short periods and walking her around the garden. Her forever family will need to be prepared to be persistent and committed to little and often lead training.

Sophie is fully vaccinated, flea and wormed. Sophie has been spayed since arriving in the UK. Sophie has no known medical issues and has been checked over by a UK vet who confirmed her as fit and healthy.

Suitable home:
We will be looking for a home with experience in nervous rescue dogs for Sophie. A new family will need to have someone home most of the time to help her settle and to begin working on her overall self-confidence along with lead walking. Sophie can currently be left in the kitchen for up to 2 hours, this will need to be built up again gradually in the new home.

Sophie will need a good size garden to run and explore in, this will need to be dog friendly with a fully secure perimeter, ideally in a quieter area.

Additional Information:
Although Sophie still has some way to go with her confidence building, we feel that in the right home, she will thrive and come on in leaps and bounds under the guidance of their new family.

Sophie’s new family will need to be able to visit her in foster several times to get to know her and to begin gaining her trust prior to her joining her new family

If you feel you can give Sophie the home she is looking for please email and request an application form. Please use the application form to give Applegarth as much detail as possible about yourself and the life you can offer Sophie to help us with the matching process.