Age: 10 months DOB: 20/04/21

Sex: Male

Neutered: No

Size: Medium Labrador type/size

Whilst a little more nervous in tendency but that does not distract from what a gorgeous boy he is! Since arriving in the UK in November 2021, he wants to trust and is making good progress in his foster home but still has a way to go. 


Oscar gets along with other dogs well and loves to play with the resident dog in foster. Oscar will however growl or give a warning if his food bowl or chews are approached by another dog! 


Oscar has shown no reaction to the resident cat



We do not know Oscar's history around children, whilst he is has a beautiful gentle nature, due to still being a nervous, we will be looking for a home with 'older dog' respectful children.

All About Oscar

Oscar has made great progress; he is nervous but inquisitive which helps his progress no end and within a couple of days with his Foster Mum, he was venturing out to seek attention along with his sister Sophie and the resident dog.  He now approaches his Foster Mum for cuddles.  There have been no signs of growling or upset, however he will bark if someone approaches the house outside.


Oscar loves toys and surrounds himself with them. If you ever miss a slipper guaranteed he will be looking after it. Oscar has also discovered that playing is fun, and he likes to play and dash about in the garden.


Oscar loves his food and treats. Chicken being his ultimate favourite. He now comes forward for treats but it’s hit and miss if he sits for them.

Oscar sleeps in his crate at night, he uses his crate as his safe space and will happily lay in it when he feels he needs some time out. Oscar will need his crate in his forever home. Oscar is first out of the door to get into the garden. He does all his toileting outside, however as an early riser there have been occasions where an accident has happened if let out late. Oscar's new family will need to be prepared to go back to basics whilst Oscar settles into his new home and should progress quickly as he settles. 

Oscar wants to love people and he wants to trust them, but he will take time.

Oscar has shown no signs of aggression while in foster, he is also a gentle soul that desperately wants to love and to trust, once he does, he will also repay the love he receives tenfold.

Lead walking:

Before Oscar arrived in the UK he had some basic lead training however due to his nervousness on arrival this was put on hold. Oscar will need lead training in his  new home by their newly adopted families, this will need to be introduced once they have gained the trust of their new family members


Oscar is fully vaccinated, flea and wormed and will need to be neutered at the cost of his new family once he is a little more confident in the world around him. Oscar’s neutering/timing must be carried out under the recommendation of a veterinary clinic.

Suitable home:

We will be looking for a home with experience in nervous rescue dogs for Oscar. His new family will need to have someone home most of the time to help him settle and to begin working on his overall self-confidence along with lead walking. Oscar can be left in the kitchen for up to 2 hours.

Oscar will need a good size garden to run and explore in, this will need to be dog friendly with a fully secure perimeter, ideally in a quieter area.

Additional Information:

Oscars new family will need to be able to visit him in foster several times to get to know him and to begin gaining his trust prior to Oscar joining his new family.

If you feel you can give Oscar the home please email applegarthrescueandrehome@outlook.com and request an application to adopt form. Please use the application form to give Applegarth as much detail as possible about yourself and the life you can offer Oscar to assist us in the matching process.