Age: 11 months / DOB- 07/04/21
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes

Size: Small

Ollie has been at Applegarth for a little while and is now more than ready for his forever home.
On first meeting Ollie he can be a little introverted until he gets to know you. Therefore he doesn't show his best characteristics when meeting potential families for the first time.

If you are looking for a ready made dog, Ollie may not be the one for you, but if you are looking for a rewarding project and have time to get to know Ollie, share your confidence with him, he will become a loving and loyal companion.
Ollie's first response to new situations is overwhelm or flight, which can be overcome with subtle, confident handling given time.


Ollie's current foster home has three other dogs whom are giving him lots of confidence. They go from playing around the house and garden to sharing a bed. Ollie can sometimes bark if meeting other dogs for the first time on the lead, this is mainly from excitement, Ollie is a sociable chap. Ollie could be rehomed as an only dog providing there is the opportunity for socialisation, or he could live as a second or third dog.


Ollie has not been around cats therefore we do not know what his reaction would be.



Ollie has met children with his current foster family. As above, Ollie is a natural introvert in new situations, he was fine around the children, but this is not a situation he would choose to be in, so we would consider rehoming him with older children 12+, who will understand they would need to gain Ollie's trust to encourage him to be confident around them.

All About Ollie

Ollie is a lover and not a hater, he is super smart and enjoys nothing more than his training sessions, playing with his toys or curling up for a doze. Ollie can take a little time to trust people, but he wants to trust which helps tremendously. Ollie has never shown any aggression with his foster family from the day he arrived, he will just remove himself if he feels vulnerable. Ollie has a fun, playful personality and loves to engage in a game with his people. He is super smart and loves to try new things, always giving 100%. Ollie loves to be involved with whatever is going on, he is inquisitive and lots of fun to be around.

In the home: Ollie is not worried by everyday household noises but can still be a little jumpy with loud, unexpected noises. He is an undemanding dog that is quite independent. He will happily interact with his people, but he is as equally happy to amuse himself with his toys. Ollie has never been destructive in the home; he is fully house trained and can happily be left. Ollie loves the garden and often takes a toy out to play, he quietly watches the birds and always toilets in the same area.

Crate trained: Ollie is crate trained and loves his crate, he will go to his crate when told ‘In your bed’. Ollie is crated when left and settles straight down to sleep. He has always slept all night in his crate without making a sound. Ollie will need a medium sized crate. In time and as his confidence grows, we anticipate Ollie wanting to spend less time in his crate, although he would still like it to be an option for overwhelming situations.

Visitors: Ollie has made great process with new people coming into the home and has started to greet visitors like his confident foster sisters do. Again Ollie is shy when meeting people for the first time and to support the increase in his confidence, it should be low pressure and on Ollie's terms.

Grooming: Ollie really enjoys being gently groomed, he has a wonderful thick coat with flashes of deep red behind his ears and a white chest. His coat now looks amazing and shines beautifully. Ollie has been handled regularly since he arrived in foster and is comfortable with being touched all over.

Toilet training: Ollie is clean in the home and always toilets outside however Ollie’s new family must be prepared that he may take a temporary step backwards with his toilet training when he goes to his new home until he feels settled, if this does happen it will be short lived as Ollie is a very clean dog.

Toys: Ollie loves his toys, he likes to keep them all tidy in the area near his crate, if you throw his toys for him, he quickly takes them back to his pile of toys. He loves to chew on his YAK and Antler, these have really helped Ollie relax. Ollie will be taking all his favourite toys to his new home with him.

Training: If you enjoy training with a dog then Ollie would be a perfect partner for you. He has learnt to drop into a down from 10ft away using voice commands and hand signals. He knows sit and will sit for his meals and a game. Ollie knows ‘Look’ on command and will now hold good eye contact. He knows a solid ‘Wait’ and will wait to be released with ‘Ok’ for food, toys and to cross the road. Ollie has also learnt Target Touch which he loves to do, stretch out your left or right hand and cue ‘Touch’ and Ollie will run and pop his nose onto your open palm! Ollie is now learning ‘settle’ and ‘jump’ over hurdles or onto platforms.

Along with Ollie's training he really enjoys any mental stimulation, he likes to hunt for hidden food, hidden in puzzles, boxes or wrapped in brown paper. He loves a liki-mat and snuffle mat but his favourite has to be a YAK bar, which keeps his teeth lovely and white.

Lead walking: Ollie loves his walks; he is confident on lead and is not worried by noises or traffic. Ollie walks lovely on the lead; he may periodically pull if he gets a little excited but is very much nose down engaging with the environment. Ollie is very good at having his harness put on and will automatically lift his leg for the harness to be clipped. He sits and waits nicely for the door to be opened and waits calmly while the door is locked before an initial excited bounce then he settles into his walk.

Ollie happily goes on the long-line at which point he will go off and explore smells but he always remains close and will come when called. Ollie is indifferent to people out on walks unless they are doing something unusual such as carrying something or approaching him quickly at which point, you should anticipate a reaction of overwhelm/flight/bark. Ollie's current home has access to a fenced walk where he loves to run and play with other dogs. Ollie is working on his recall but doesn't stay far from the pack.

Medical: Ollie is in good health with no apparent medical issues. He has recently been neutered is fully vaccinated, and flea/worm treated.

Suitable home: Ollie will need someone home much of the time to help him settle, he can be left for reasonable periods but initially he will need to adjust to his new home and have someone around to help him do this. Ollie loves the garden and will need a home that allows him access to the garden, the garden will need to be secure. Ideally Ollie would suit a quieter home with not too many people coming and going.

Ollie's new family will need to have a good level of experience with rescue dogs and have a full understanding that it will take Ollie time to readjust and settle into a new home. Ollie could be an only dog providing there is the chance for regular socialisation.
Ollie has been with his foster family for a while now and they will be sorry to see him leave, they are not in a rush to find him a new family, so we will wait to make sure the very best family is found.

Additional Information: Ollies new family will need to come and visit Ollie several times in his foster home to allow him to get to know them and vice versa, making the transition into his new home easier.

If you feel you can give Ollie the home he is looking for please email applegarthrescueandrehome@outlook.com to request an application form. Please use the form to give Applegarth as much detail as possible about yourself, your household, and why you feel you can offer Ollie the perfect home.