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If you are considering taking on a rescue dog, whether it be to foster or adopt, then this is an especially important and useful document to read through; and be honest in the way you view the conclusions you reach.  Make sure the whole household discusses these and takes all the points on board.

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Bringing a rescue dog into your life is not only beneficial for you but also for the rescue dog.

The companionship and trust received by both carer and dog is a joyful experience, a special relationship that could change both your lives, but it is important to consider if fostering a dog is right for you. 

Take an honest look at your lifestyle; will you have enough time for a new dog?  Can you commit to giving a rescue dog a second chance?  

On becoming a fosterer for Applegarth Dog Rescue you will be invited to join our Fostering Families FaceBook group, a private group for all of our wonderful fosters to share update on the dogs they have within their care. All fosters have the full support of a qualified behaviourist and the Applegarth Re-homing Team. 

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