Age: 2 years old DOB: 10/01/20

Sex: Female

Neutered: Yes

Size: Medium

Catrine (Katy) 

catrine adoption 2.jpg
catrine adoption 3.jpg

Catrine is another smart pup that is already trying hard to get things right. Catrine has figured out how to ask to go out to the toilet and has only had one accident in the house, this was on her first night, since then she has been clean in the home. She took well to the harness and walks happily with it on. Catrine’s Foster Mum has described her as a real people dog, she eats well, and shares treats nicely.


Catrine gets on well with the resident dogs in foster and enjoys playtime.  Katy can go as an only dog but can also go with dogs of a similar age, with whom she can play.


Catrine has not been cat tested and therefore this is currently unknown



Catrine has a fun, gentle playful nature however we do not know her history around children, when she is excited, she can be a little mouthy therefore we recommend dog savvy children aged 12+

All About Catrine

Catrine is a fun, happy and bouncy dog that has taken to her foster home extremely well and will happily go from room to room with no worries. She sleeps soundly all night and has done so from day one. Catrine loves going outside, either in the garden or out enjoying a walk.  She currently has two walks a day, and probably would enjoy more! Catrine’s foster parents described her as one of the best dogs they have ever fostered, and they have fostered a few!

Lead walking: Catrine walks well on the lead but will need continued guidance in her new home.


Medical: Catrine is spayed, fully vaccinated and up to date with flea and wormer.


Suitable home: Catrine will need someone home much of the time to help her settle into her new home. We will be looking for a family that have the time and commitment to continue Catrine’s training and help her shine brightly. She would also like a garden where she can sniff and potter.

Additional Information: Catrine is a wonderful young dog that will bring much joy and love to her new forever-home.

If you feel you can give Catrine the home she is looking for please email and request an application form. Please use the application form to give Applegarth as much detail as possible about yourself and the life you can offer Catrine to help us with the matching process.